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Cookies Policy

In this document, all references to “us” or “we” (in all forms of this pronoun), as well as the word “Website” or “Site”, mean References to “you” mean customers using our services or entering our Website. Capitalized forms of the same words have the same meaning unless stated differently in the document.

What are cookies?

When you access this Website, small files are transferred to your device. They identify your visit and track your activity. These are cookie files. Cookies store the information you leave on the Website, be it your login data or saved preferences. They keep your data and make our service more convenient. With cookies, you stay logged in, all of your previous orders are saved in the system, and more.

We suggest that you agree with our use of cookies when you enter this Website. You are free to disable cookies in your browser. However, you should know that disabling them will restrict the functionality of the Website. Session cookies store information about your previous visits. They are deleted from your device when you leave the Website. We use them to ensure your data security and keep financial transactions safe. Also, cookies support online messaging with representatives of our company.

Types of cookies used on the Website

In the table below, we have listed key types of cookies used on the Website. The purpose of their usage is described in the right column.

Types of cookiesUsage
__cfduid, ss  With the help of these cookies supported by online chat service, we provide our visitors with 24/7 Support.
_ga, _gat_UA-26122131-1, _gat, _gali, __utmz, __utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmt,  These cookies are referred to Google Analytics. They help us gather information about the way you interact with our Website and learn, which are the problematic points you may encounter. We use this data to improve our Website’s functionality.
PHPSESSID  This type of cookies allows us to save your previous sessions. As such, your login data stays active, and you don’t have to enter it each time you open our Website.
client_country, client_ip, client_start_time, order_page_time, last_visit, visit_count, first_visit_time, order_type, order_time, order_type_new, de_client, un, un1These cookies serve to provide visitors with relevant content, considering their location and online behavior.
go_back_modal_shown, sign_up_form, discount_code, banner_show, marketing_info, app_banner_close, thnks_banner_close, check_cap, client_lead, client_leads, client-lead-informer-closedWe use these cookies to improve your browsing experience. They store your previous choices and “remember” banners and pop-ups you have interacted with (as such, you won’t see the same message twice).
__ar_v4  This type of cookies shows targeted advertisements considering your preferences. The targeting is focused on statistical information that doesn’t describe you as a person, so the process is anonymous.
datr, reg_ext_ref, reg_fb_gate, frThese cookies belong to Facebook. They allow users to share and comment on content with the help of the social network.

Where do we use cookies?

  • Live chat

To ensure constant communication between you and our Customer Support representatives, we have established a real-time live chat. Cookies are used to ensure its smooth functioning.

  • Analytics

We use non-personalized customers’ data for statistics. Cookies help us gather information about users’ behavior. We monitor your actions with the help of Google Analytics and learn to make our service more convenient.

  • Order form

The Order form cannot be completed properly if you disable cookies. Please mind that if you switch them off, you won’t be able to place an order and use our services.

Disabling cookies

You can disable and delete cookies in your browser at any time you feel so. Follow this link to find more information about cookies and ways to manage them.

Please mind that if you block cookies, we cannot guarantee that our Website will work properly on your device. Also, remember that Google Analytics study visitors’ online behavior, and this data is provided to Google. You can block the activity of Google Analytics as well (read here).

If you are worried about your data’s confidentiality, please mind that cookies don’t store any personal or financial information about users. You are not identified as a person with the use of these files – they store technical, statistical, and demographical information only.