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Study Terms of Use and Regulations. Official Information

We strongly recommend reading the following terms before placing a form on the website. Children under sixteen are not permitted to seek the services. We are not deliberately gathering personal information from the users. The restrictions are provided for the underage citizens who do not have the right to submit a form.

If you give explicit permission to use our service, this means that you:

  • Agree to provide the company with the legitimate email address to create an account automatically
  • Share information that is true to form and does not oppose the rules of the service
  • Are more than eighteen years of age to conduct an agreement with the academic company
  • Are ready to follow the regulations that have been issued by the service

Every time the customers express an open wish to order from the service, they need to refer to the submission system that is acceptable within the company. This applies to the educational institution they are representing. Both parties, entering the contract, agree to go by its terms and never violate the official business strategy that has been offered by the service.

The users need to consider the terms that have been suggested as something that binds them to the specific contract. Please remember that the conditions of the contract might be ended without a previous warning on the side of the company. If the customers choose to violate the policies or breach an agreement, they automatically become excluded from the contract. The termination of the agreement guarantees that both parties will maintain the conditions effortlessly.

The Process of Contract Formation and Services

We promise the customers to pay the utmost attention to confidentiality issues on the page. This is why a request may be put forward to provide the company with extra details regarding the order. We never use personal information to the benefit of the academic service and recognize the right of every user to ask for a refund policy. The company representatives may send a request which includes the demand to provide the service with the legal documents. In this case, it might be an identification card or a credit card. This is carried out in order to acknowledge the legitimacy of the user and confirm their legal ability to proceed with the payment.

When the customers submit the form on the site, they do it according to the terms and policies of the company. The users need to treat information, provided by the service, as an invitation for a contract. Make sure that the discount codes are included in the submission form. It will be impossible to insert the said codes later or use your discount after the transaction is complete.

Once the users have entered personal information, they will be provided with a receipt of the order. Keep in mind that the recognition of a specific receipt does not mean that the submission form is accepted. It indicates that the assignment is acknowledged by the company representatives and is ready to be processed. We are capable of giving customers a profound range of disciplines to choose from. However, the company representatives need to point out that copywriting and creating texts from scratch are two directions that we are currently taking. The texts will be tailored according to the requirements, issued by an educational institution. The writing that has been mentioned above is original and does not have any counterparts in the writing field.

Expert Approach and Academic Text Materials

The academic assignments on the site are completed with the help of writing professionals. The experts are known for their wide scope of knowledge and do not limit themselves to the usual subjects. Any kind of task can be completed under the supervision of an expert. Therefore, we mention the academic work that is commonly referred to as a written paper.

Proofreading is a part of the service that is provided by the company. The writers are responsible for editing the text to match the requirements of a specific customer. The materials are scrupulously checked to indicate any sort of grammar mistake or error that needs to be eliminated. It should be pointed out that the company does not tolerate the notion of plagiarism and provides the users with the texts that have been written from the get-go. This determines the high quality of the material and the type of research conducted.

Whenever the customers start filling out a submission form, they will be asked to provide detailed information regarding the status of the assignment. Any instructions that might accompany the order are accepted by the company. We expect truthful information to be shared with the company representatives. This will enhance the writing process and ensure the paper corrections stay true to form. The privacy policy on the site suggests that we take the issue seriously. This means that you won’t be able to deliver the written work late. Every time the order is placed, the experts complete the assignment before the due date.

The users need to be aware of the password protection that is maintained by the company’s security system. Taking into account the measures that are taken in the process, one will assume that the details of the order will remain private. Please keep in mind that the service reserves the right to freeze the password that belongs to the user. This happens in case the information, shared with us by the customer, does not correspond to the company’s policies. The placement of the order is conducted through the order form on the site. You have to be precise about providing the company with the details of the task. We support the correct data which enables us to carry out research at high speed.