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Best Free Online Courses about Blog Writing for Students

Best Free Online Courses about Blog Writing for Students

Free Online Writing Courses for Bloggers

Blogging has already become one of the essential tools for small businesses as well as world-known brands. Whether you are a housewife making money from homemade cupcakes, or a business promoting your product or service online, there is always a market through blogs. But blogging is actually not as easy as it might seem first. There are numerous aspects that go into creating a blog, and one of them is writing skills. One of the effective ways to improve such skills is through online writing courses.

Good writing skills will help you create unique and exciting content to fill your blog and make it more engaging to the readers. Writing involves more than simply putting words on paper. It considers what you want to say efficiently, making your thoughts more precise, and keeping in mind that other people will be reading your articles.

Let’s take a closer look at several effective writing courses available on the web


Good with Words: Writing and Editing Specialization

It includes four courses that take about four months to complete if you take it for 4 hours a week. It is the best choice for a blogger newbie since it helps arrange a complex set of information in a comprehensive way. The whole program is designed to help you learn what words to choose to effectively persuade the audience, structure and organize your content smoothly, and to draft and proofread your work.

Memoir and Personal Essay: Write About Yourself Specialization

Some blogs are completely professional, while others require some touch of personal style. If you are a blogger sharing your personal experiences, consider taking this course. The program focuses more on personal narrative style and teaches to develop the author’s relationship with work and readers. It also teaches how to write in the first-person point of view and tells more about elements crucial for telling a good story to the readers.

Effective Communication: Writing, Design, and Presentation Specialization

Typically, blogging does not require one to speak verbally, but it is still useful to know how to effectively present your ideas. The best blogs are the ones with mixed media: words, pictures, videos, and graphics. This course is concentrated more on business. It teaches business writing, along with presenting your ideas effectively through graphics and speaking. The program takes five months.


The Writing Process

If you have no ability to spend months on writing courses, consider taking this program. If you devote 3-5 hours a week, you will finish the course in a month. This program is devoted to professional writing, and teaches how to organize work, structure your thoughts logically and deliver your message effectively. By taking the course, you will learn how to write for a specific audience, draft, and revise your work.

Writing for Social Media

Writing for the web significantly differs from traditional writing methods. Writing for social media means that you have to choose the words which will immediately engage with the reader. This program is designed to help you improve your skills in writing for the blog. It will teach you how to convey your message and keep that engagement over time.


If you are in search of a quick writing course or a refresher, consider Udemy. Most of the free online writing classes here are about an hour long.

We recommend taking into consideration the following classes:

  • On Writing
  • Secret Sauce of Great Writing
  • Starting to Write
  • Blogging Insight to Learn How to Write Better Blog Posts
  • Make Your Writing Stand Out in Eight Easy Steps

These courses will help you improve your writing skills and get over writer’s block. They will teach you to be more creative, use keywords correctly to earn foot traffic, identify your strengths and weaknesses as of the writer, and become better at what you do.

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