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The Best Student Discounts to Benefit from in 2020

The Best Student Discounts to Benefit from in 2020

Academic years can be the best part of your life. The only thing that may seem challenging is the constant lack of money. This is especially the case when you need some pricey items, such as a smartphone or laptop. Stretching your budget with student discounts seems to be the only reasonable solution.

With more and more companies offering the best deals to students, it might be a good idea to list them all in one place for further reference. After all, retailers don’t actively advertise special campaigns for young people.


Amazon Prime

Amazon can be easily named among the most generous companies. College students can get their prime accounts for $6.50 per month or $60 per year, including free two-day delivery, free same-day delivery in particular locations, and access to the entire Prime Video collection. Moreover, Amazon offers a six-month free trial, so you can save a lot of money during your first year.


Shipt is a service for buying groceries and household essentials from a variety of stores such as HEB, LIDL, Winn Dixie, Lowes Goods, Costco, and Piggly Wiggly. Students have to pay 50% of the normal price annually. Also, you can use the service free of charge for the first two weeks. Don’t forget to check whether Shipt stores are available in your area before you sign up.


Apple offers excellent deals not only to students but also to educators. In 2020, Apple offers a free pair of AirPods when you buy Macs or iPads for college. You can get AirPods in a free wired charging case. Alternatively, you can upgrade your purchase to AirPods with the wireless charging case for additional $40 or to AirPods Pro for additional $90. The special offer is determined by the popularity of AirPods, especially among students.

Also, there is Apple education pricing on Macs and iPads. Thus, students are offered a new MacBook Air for $899, which is $100 less than the normal starting price. This is a decent saving if you dream about a brand new Apple item.


Samsung provides 10% discounts for most products to students. It is highly recommended to use a special offer for buying big-ticket items like a Samsung smartphone or a Samsung tablet. Also, Samsung offers some excellent accessories like the SM-R175NZKATUR Galaxy Buds and R830 Galaxy Watch.


Microsoft offers 10% off its devices, including Surface Go 2 and Surface Headphones 2. Moreover, the collection of Microsoft’s online store is not limited to Surface devices. There are also Windows PCs from Lenovo, HP, and Acer.



Spotify Premium’s student plan provides you with a lot of attractive offers for only $5 per month. Apart from access to huge music content, it also provides Hulu’s ad-supported plan and Showtime’s ad-free service. If you pay for three months separately, you will have to pay $27 per month. As you see, the difference can hardly be ignored.


Pandora provides students with its Premium membership for $5 per month. Pandora’s special campaign doesn’t involve any extra services, although you can still get an ad-free experience, customized music content, and offline play.

Apple Music

Apple has a 50% discount for its Apple Music subscription for students, reducing it to $5 per month. The special offer is available for almost 48 months so you can get nice benefits during the college years. Moreover, the company offers the special package consisting of Apple TV and the student’s offering.


Tidal offers special discounts on both of its streaming services: Premium and Hi-Fi. Premium can be purchased for $5 per month, while Hi-Fi for $10 per month. Tidal has strong competitors like Spotify and Apple Music, although its offering for students is quite attractive.


You have definitely heard about YouTube, while YouTube Premium may still be an unexplored area for you. Luckily, students have to pay only $7 per month for ad-free video watching, background playing, video downloading, and YouTube Premium Music accessing. Let’s say, if you enjoy watching music videos via YouTube, you will surely benefit from Premium as a one-stop-shop for music and video streaming.


To make your Libby audiobook borrowing routine even more convenient, you are offered to benefit from a discount of only $10 per month. In addition, you will get one credit per month to use on any title in Audible’s collection, as well as two Audible Originals free of charge. In addition, there are some daily campaigns and book sales, where you can get two titles at $2 only.


Headspace is a popular meditation and mindfulness application that can be used at $10 per year by students. Apart from a large collection of meditation lessons, Headspace has recently added SleepCasts, a series of bedtime stories, as well as “mindful” workout sessions.


Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe CC is an expensive program that is widely used by students at $53 per month. For students, there is a special offer estimated at $20 per month throughout the first year. That includes Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, Lightroom CC, Premiere Pro CC, as well as Adobe XD.

Microsoft 365

Many students need Microsoft 365 instruments for educational purposes. Oftentimes, colleges or universities provide their students with free accounts due to attractive discounts. A free account will include access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and even Microsoft Teams, which is an excellent deal considering annual subscription costs of $100.


Ulysses is a writing app for mac/iOS that can be used for taking notes as well as writing a thesis. Usually, Ulysses costs are estimated at $40 per year, but students can get it for $22 per year. While it cannot be a direct alternative for Windows users, it has nice options of Scrivener (a one-time price of $41.65), IA Writer (a one-time price of $20), and FocusWriter (free of charge).

LastPass Premium

To keep your school passwords and login safe, you will definitely need a password manager like LastPass Premium. There is no student discount in a general understanding, but there is a six-month free use. Premium also adds 1GB of encrypted file storage on top of the characteristics involved in LastPass’ free tier.

Squarespace Student plan

To show off your portfolio, you will use Squarespace with a 50% discount on any of its annual plans. An attractive price of $72 per year won’t leave creative professionals indifferent. Thanks to customizable templates, you will create a website and make it look exactly how you want it. In addition, you can upgrade an account by adding things like website analytics, custom JavaScript, and CSS and e-commerce.


Don’t forget to follow the news. Of course, it may turn into a time-taking routine. You cannot check every breaking-news headline when it’s published. But the main idea is to know what’s going on in the world. Whether you choose The Atlantic, The New York Times, The Washington Post, or The Wall Street Journal, you will stay informed about the hottest events without spending a fortune.

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