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How to Improve Writing and Communication Skills?

How to Improve Writing and Communication Skills?

How to Make Your Writing and Communication Better?

Great writing and communication skills are absolutely necessary for all spheres of social interaction. Whether you are a student, office employee, or parent – brushing your abilities up is always a good idea. This is especially true for today’s world when everything moves to digital space – a recent situation with COVID-19 encouraged millions of remote workers to discover a new way of cooperation. The chances are that remote communication will continue expanding even when the pandemic ends. Let’s look into the future more precisely and learn how to improve your writing skills.

Before you start reading this guide, consider the main elements of successful writing – persuasive power and clarity. Of course, grammar, style, and other formal aspects are also important, but writing is about the way you sound. Your words should be not only correct but impactful.

Improve persuasive aspects of your texts

One of the best traits of a successful writer is the ability to explain “why.” No matter which type of text you are writing, it is essential to make yourself clear. Whether you are writing an email, presentation, or cover letter – persuasive and clear language is necessary. You have ideas and interests to deliver, and it is important to do that in a precise way. In other cases, you cannot be sure that your thoughts will ever reach the audience. Never suggest that your readers understand you – explain your motivations and show why you think your ideas are essential.

Add creativity

If you are interested in academic and/or business writing, then creativity might seem irrelevant. However, this approach can expand your vocabulary and help you rethink the habitual approach to writing. Creative writing can give you another angle – try to look at your business project from a new perspective and lean on creative skills to think outside the box. New perspectives are always great and fruitful, so why not?

Tell a story

We bet that you have seen stand-up comedies for a thousand of times. Have you noticed how the comedians turn everything into stories? Even the silliest event can look and sound interesting when it is wrapped up in a story. These people are great writers – they know how to turn everything in a plot and keep the audience’s attention. Whether you work on a business letter, essay, or even a marketing text, you can practice storytelling as a way of presentation. Watch more stand-up comedians and try to distinguish what are the storytelling elements they use in their speech. How do they prepare the audience for the conclusion? How do they draw mental images to engage the audience? How do they evoke curiosity with questions and provocations? Learn from them and expand your collection of creative instruments.

Grammar is important

Nothing spoils your writing more than grammar mistakes. Even the most brilliant persuasive or creative text won’t leave a good impression if it is tangled with errors. In most cases, people memorize failures and mistakes more than everything else. If your grammar is weak, be ready that your audience will remember that instead of your bright and interesting ideas. Clean your writing up with the help of grammar checking tools before you publish or send it to a recipient. Try to analyze your mistakes and remember the correct variants to avoid the same troubles in the future. 

There are numerous free tools to be found online, as well as grammar apps for browsers – they will check your emails and posts in real-time. Don’t rely on Microsoft Word’s check – it is not precise enough. Copy and paste your text into the app, check everything, and improve the problematic spots.


Some people have to write almost every day just because their professional activity is connected with texts. Journalists, students, bloggers, and HRs are obliged to produce texts regularly. Even if you are not a representative of these professions and your college days are over, you should improve your writing language as well – emails, social media posts, and texts for your work are definitely integral parts of your life. Use your free time wisely and practice different types of writing – namely, persuasive and creative. Short writing sessions are fun and productive. There is no need to sit at your desks for hours trying to compose a huge novel. Do it for fun, and see your skills growing! Good luck!

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