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Tips that Will Help You Study Online More Effectively

Tips that Will Help You Study Online More Effectively

Most students will have to do a lot of online learning this year. It is for sure that at least some of your classes will be taking place online. We suggest several tips that can help you be more successful in online learning.

Put your smartphone away or turn it off while working on your assignments. This really helps. Students are typically distracted on their phones, whether it is checking on social media or just playing games. It is difficult to resist picking your phone when it is right behind you. Consider turning it off or putting it out of reach while watching online lectures or writing essays.

Create a schedule. Maintaining it can be challenging, especially if classes are not live-streamed. Consider, for example, dedicating the same three to four hours a day to studies.

Have a regular study space. This is a very useful point that helps improve your effectiveness. This is much more advantageous and works better than studying in bed. Even just using a chair and a table can be a great place to get your assignments done.

Take breaks. It is necessary to have at least 10-15 minutes of rest every hour. During these breaks, you can eat some healthy snacks, do a little workout, go outside, or meditate. Taking breaks is a key way to avoid burnout.

Take good notes. While online learning often feels not like a real class, it is essential to treat it as though you are in a real classroom and take notes as you would if you were actually at school. Consider doing this by having your recorded lecture on one side of the screen and your google document with notes on the other side of the screen. Or you can do it by having a notebook out and taking handwritten notes.

Make learning enjoyable. Try to take advantage of not being in the actual classroom and being able to do things that you would not normally do. For example, you can do this by having a cup of tea next to you while watching online lectures, or even wearing your pajamas while taking notes. Furthermore, you can play the music you like while studying.

Connect with other students. Go to discussion forums and zoom meetings. It is quite complicated to stay connected with others during the COVID-19, but using online resources is a good way to stay connected. Additionally, if you have a friend in the class, you can FaceTime them before an examination and study together by asking questions to one another.

Pay attention to deadlines. When you study online, it is much easier to forget about the deadline since you are not being reminded of it by the teacher. At the beginning of the semester, consider writing down every due date in Google calendar or in a planner so that you remember about the assignment.

Stay connected with your teacher. It can be complicated to get to know your teachers. In order to stay connected to them, contact them during their office hours, or visit their discussion forums. It is actually very important since it will help you understand and comprehend the content. Additionally, it can be very useful in the future for recommendation letters.

Keep your video call background clean. It is a good idea if you are doing calls with your camera on. Avoid having trash, laundry, or a lot of clutter in the background. It might be complicated sometimes, so you can also use just a plain wall as the background.

Do not forget to mute yourself if you do not have to talk on a video call. It is vital if you are on a video call with many people in the class. It can be very embarrassing if you are talking to someone else during the class, and you forget to mute yourself, and the whole class hears your conversation.

Consider using these tips to navigate the learning process effectively. We hope that they will help you succeed academically in these difficult times.

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