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How to Write an Essay on Deforestation

How to Write an Essay on Deforestation

What do you know about deforestation? This term is usually defined as the process of clearing trees and forest covers. There are natural and man-made reasons why deforestation occurs, some of which are urbanization, agriculture, climate changes, forest wood, and wildlife. Thus, it is important to understand the harmful effects of deforestation on the entire dynamics of our ecosystem.

When you need to write an essay on deforestation, you should demonstrate your research and analytical skills by giving arguments that all readers can imagine with words alone. Before you proceed with this kind of writing, you should understand its specificity first. Here, you will learn all you need to know about it. Let’s start!

Select Topic

Before you proceed with essay writing, you should have a clear understanding of what you want to talk about. Then, it is the right time to decide what to focus on. Ideally, you need to choose a narrow topic so that you can collect the relevant research data. For example, “Should deforestation be banned in the United States” or “Deforestation as a result of global warming?” Also, you can choose a topic you are actually interested in as it will make a writing process more enjoyable.

Conduct thorough Research

Similar to professional writers, you should explore your topic by checking various journal articles, books, research studies, and lab reports. Fortunately, you don’t necessarily need to visit the municipal or campus library. By using the keywords, you can browse all the necessary information on the Internet. Considering the seriousness of the topic, you need to check the title, summary, and web address of each source you are going to use. Most colleges and universities offer academic databases on their official homepages. This way, they give you access to many scholarly studies that you can integrate into your essay. Once you are done with your research, don’t forget to double-check the selected sources and collected evidence. Make sure they are suitable for the further use in your essay.

Prepare Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is required to highlight your topic. It should be short and clear. Without reinventing the wheel, you just stick to the central idea of your essay. Remember that your thesis should be placed in the final sentence of your introduction paragraph.

Deforestation Essay Structure

Depending on the general content of your future essay, you need to determine the number of paragraphs in order to distribute all the information evenly. The basic structure of every academic essay involves an introduction, body (several paragraphs), and conclusion. What should you include in every part of your essay?

Introduction: What is deforestation? Why has it been a matter of concern over the last century? Deforestation is one of the most alarming environmental issues. And this is something you should reveal in the first paragraph of your essay without getting too deep into details.

Body: Being the main part of your essay, the body section aims to explore, analyze, and provide the main ideas along with the supporting evidence. It should consist of at least three paragraphs, each of which represents a particular idea. Of course, you can be flexible with the number of paragraphs if you need more or fewer words to complete your paper. Here are some general ideas about deforestation to be used for your essay:

  • Causes of deforestation: There are various causes of deforestation, including rapid population growth, agricultural activities, logging, urbanization, infrastructural development, and so on. You can focus on one or cover all of them in your essay.
  • Effects of deforestation: There are a lot of effects of deforestation on our environment. Global warming, damage of local flora and fauna, and soil erosion are only some of the effects that you can represent in your essay. If you know some other effects, you can surely cover them.
  • Solutions to deforestation: Afforestation is the primary solution to the problem of deforestation all over the world. Cutting down forest should be banned while awareness should be raised among people. Government and voluntary organizations should proceed with environmental initiatives in order to keep the balance on the earth. Meanwhile, the national governments should protect the forest areas by announcing them as reserved forests.

Conclusion: Deforestation is a serious problem, having a lot of adverse effects. Depending on the type of academic essay you choose, you can sum up the information from the body section, provide the possible solutions to deforestation, or try both in the conclusion.

Avoid Copying and Pasting

When you’re in a rush, you may find yourself borrowing some sentences or even paragraphs from other sources. Eventually, your essay ends up as a copy of someone else’s work. In academic writing, plagiarism is probably the worst thing you can do! While the collected information should give you a general idea of what to write about, it shouldn’t be copied word by word. It’s not worth the risk.

Spend Some Time Proofreading an Essay

If your time for essay writing is limited, you have to do things as fast as possible. But it’s crucial that you don’t forget about the quality of your work. Whether you have one day or just several hours, there is no way you can skip the stage of proofreading and editing. If you submit your essay without checking it properly at least once, you will surely hear about some mistakes from your professor or instructor. Thus, you should start your revision as soon as your essay is completed. While proofreading your essay, remove all unnecessary sentences that don’t address the main topic, focus on grammar and spelling accuracy, as well as check your citations’ format.

What to Do When Something Goes Wrong

By reading this guide, you will know how to create a high-quality essay on deforestation. But, what if it is not the case? What’s then? Even the most effective tips do not always work well. So, don’t be afraid of asking someone for help. Whether it will be your parents, teachers, or professional writers, their assistance will guarantee you an excellent result.

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