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The Best Platforms to Edit and Manage Files in 2020

The Best Platforms to Edit and Manage Files in 2020

Document editing and management software (DMS) becomes very common since businesses keep promoting work from home. Nowadays employees have to work remotely while still having an opportunity to process and share the documents. This sometimes becomes a problem, especially when a lot of file formats must be processed, combined, signed, or otherwise manipulated.

Below, you can find some of the most popular and convenient options, alternatives, or extensions to the digital office software.

Microsoft 365

The original and best office productivity suite


  • Is on the top of the market
  • Offers the essential office tools
  • Is based on cloud

Microsoft Office is likely the software platform that comes to mind of most users first when they talk about office productivity suites.

It is not surprising that Office is at the top of the market. This is because of the extensive way data can be covered by various programs and shared and linked between them. Due to these features, the working process becomes the most effective and free of hassle. The core programs cover everything necessary for office work. Besides, OneDrive provides an opportunity to save and back up the files online.

While there are numerous alternatives to this platform, most competitors try to overtake Microsoft instead of coming up with entirely new features. For this reason, MS Office still remains the DMS with the most wide and full range of features.

No competitor does office productivity better than Microsoft. With prices starting per month, it also is one of the most accessible.


King of the note taking


  • Processes handwritten notes
  • Is easy to use
  • Has a wide range of app integrations

This application specializes in note-taking, filing, and sharing. Evernote is commonly used both in the workplace and by individual users for over 10 years.

The program can process handwritten notes, receipts, and audio files. The user has access to all the files on desktop as well as mobile device. Besides, it provides users with an opportunity to work on shared devices that update immediately on editing. It allows users to share files, digitize documents, and keep an eye on finances.

Many users agree that Evernote works well in addition to other productivity tools. The creators have noted such a demand. Now Evernote can be integrated with Google Drive, Outlook, and others.

WPS Office

A powerful free mobile office suite


  • Offers a multiplicity of features
  • Supports various file types
  • Is free to use
  • Provides PDF manager

WPS Office is a comprehensive productivity suite with multiple file processing features.

The program is available for download to Windows PCs, but it is also often used on mobile devices with iOS and Android.

The platform can process various types of files, including PDF and XML, along with a good deal of programming file types. It allows to easily convert office files between different types and provides a functional PDF editor and manager for free.

The user can save files to the cloud via such platforms as Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.


Document management to boost your bottom line


  • Offers specialized features for business and sales
  • Allows to easily work with assets 

This document manager is sales-focused. Among its features are a document editor with templates, content and image libraries, cost and margin calculators, document analytics, a configure, price and quote (CPQ) tool, and many more.

Many users cannot access and process a document simultaneously, which can be considered a disadvantage. Nevertheless, the program is still useful for those who would like to specifically manage sales and finance via their document manager.

Adobe Document Cloud

For comprehensive PDF management


  • Allows editing and manage PDF files
  • Provides an e-signing option
  • Allows merging files

This software works exclusively with the proprietary PDF files. But, since these files are ubiquitous, it makes sense to have a specifically dedicated platform that can work with such files. This program provides a lot of features to create and edit PDF files. Users can merge PDFs, use such options as password protection and e-signing. Simply put, it gives a chance to fully control your files in ways that common document formats either do not support.

Besides, since numerous businesses scan and save documents in PDF format, and since documents are often exported into PDF format by other office software, this program becomes an even more important part of the office software range.

Consider Also The Following Document Editors

WebMerge allows users to set up a document, integrate it with some third-party service to send information to that file, and then get a merged copy.

eFileCabinet can capture, store, manage, and share files. It comes as a desktop app and as a mobile application.

OneNote is a platform for processing your scribbles and shorter texts, as well as your longer documents.

DocuSign allows working with e-signature and lets users to quickly and easily sign various documents and forms online without installing extra software.

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