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8 Simple Tips to Help You Write More Efficiently

8 Simple Tips to Help You Write More Efficiently

Mastering the art of writing is a challenge. While practice is a good teacher, you can hardly learn anything without a thoughtful and conscious approach. If you realize that time goes by, you write an essay after an essay, but it doesn’t seem that you become a better writer, think about some crucial basics and writing methods.

There are two major secrets of successful writing: be a subject-expert and set yourself free. The first aspect is a matter of pre-writing techniques. Before you start crafting a piece, make sure to arm yourself with information. Not only the books and journals can help, but also a conversation with your friend. When you are out of ideas or cannot find an interesting angle to observe a theme, just call your buddy and try “freestyling” on a chosen topic! Such a relaxed atmosphere will make your creative juices flow, and surprising brilliant thoughts will definitely pop up in your head.

As for the second aspect, it is all about recording your best thoughts without pressing yourself. Your first draft is a canvas – you are free to write everything that you want on it. Don’t worry about accuracy or formal details like dates – just relax and write. Your main task is to grasp the point and say what you have to say. All in all, you are not going to show the first draft to anyone, so just set yourself free and allow your thoughts to flow. Leave details, structuring, and editing for last.

In addition to these general recommendations that should become a regular background of your writing sessions, there are some additional ones. They will help you stay focused and tuned. Whenever you sit at your desk and start working on an assignment, make sure to avoid distractions. Some students are so obsessed with their social networks and messengers that they prefer switching the Wi-Fi off to avoid that compulsive scrolling. Try if this works for you – turn the Internet off and check how much time you spent writing a draft. Was it efficient? Decide if such an approach fits your thinking and learning habits.

Also, to avoid writer’s block, you should carry your notebook with you, wherever you are, and write down interesting ideas that come to your mind. Or else – you can make notes on your smartphone. Whenever you start writing, just open your magical notes and grant them a gift of life.

Take a look at this infographic to nail the recommendations down. Happy writing!

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