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Practical Tips on Composing an Exam Essay

Practical Tips on Composing an Exam Essay

While essay writing can be quite a challenging task at the good times, composing them under exam conditions is even most complicated and often causes much stress. The topics of such essays can vary, ranging from racism problems to engineering and healthcare issues. You will not know quite what you are writing about until the exam starts, and from that point on, you will just have a small amount of time to compose your paper. So how to cope with such an assignment? Here are several tips that will help you compose a successful essay for a competitive exam.

Stay Up to Date On Current Events

Many competitive examinations concentrate on events that you are expected to at least know something about. Your chances to stay up to date with what is going on around the world get higher when you read newspapers, and lead news websites. By doing so, you will build a broad base of knowledge from which to draw. Because you never know exactly the topic of your exam beforehand, it is beneficial to have a lot of knowledge on various subjects. You do not have to become an expert on everything, but it is important to have an idea about some key stories, figures, and events. Reading a lot will help you increase your knowledge and become a stronger writer.

Write a Lot of Essays

The old saying claims that practice makes perfect, and it is true. An effective way to improve at anything is through repetition. By practicing in essay writing, you improve your technique, learn how to weave words together more fluidly, improve your grammar and every other aspect of essay writing. Consider also trying to write under strict exam conditions, timing yourself, and using a surprise subject to get an idea of how to manage such a task more effectively.

Ask for Help

It is always a good idea to get some opinions on your writing, as well as help from people who are proficient in writing. Therefore, consider showing your essay to friends, parents, or teachers to get free advice. You can also order editing and proofreading services from a reliable custom writing company. Such services provide help with all types of academic papers, so you can also order some piece of writing from an expert and then compare it to your own essay and see what you should improve.

Remember About Planning

To come up with the best possible essay during your exam, you should do a little planning beforehand. Do not just start writing everything that comes to your head. Instead, consider taking some time at the beginning of the exam to read through the topic, jot down some key ideas, and create an outline following the classic introduction, body, conclusion format. When you just start writing right away, there is a big chance that you overlook something or get muddled with your own thoughts. Therefore, it is crucial to have a little bit of planning time.

Avoid “Padding”

Usually, during the exam with a strict time limit, students are tempted to “pad” out their essays with unnecessary explanations or elaboration. You do not have to state the obvious or repeat yourself. Actually, instructors and graders quickly notice such little things and have a weaker impression of such essays in general. Most exam essays are limited in word count, but there is no necessity to add in excessive words in order to hit that limit. It is more important to stick to the key points and make the writing piece valuable and relevant to the topic instead of simply trying to add as many words as you can.


Obviously, competition examinations are not easy. Exam conditions often make students stressed, and a huge part of your success will depend on how well you cope with the pressure and stress. But, with the help of our tips, by planning your essay, staying calm during the exam, and going into each exam with a lot of knowledge and preparation behind you, you will be much better prepared to manage any assignment. Yes, you still cannot control what the exam will be like and which topic you will need to write about, but you can control your own preparation. Therefore, by getting well-prepared, you increase your chances to compose a brilliant essay and stand out among the crowd.

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