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Why College Students Should Travel

Why College Students Should Travel

The majority of students spend their college years learning, partying, and being hangover. Just a few ones think about how to save their money and plan a big trip. Most of them believe they cannot afford it. But they often do not realize that the college years are the perfect time to travel a lot. Besides, with various study abroad programs, you can combine studying and traveling.

Travel can be a fantastic experience for everyone. Almost every student who enrolls in a study abroad program says it was one of the most significant experiences of their academic lives. Below, you will find some benefits of student travel.

Reasons Why You Should Travel while Studying at College

You have the time. Even more significantly, now it is the best time to travel. As life goes on, you will probably not have the time actually to go away and travel. Finding opportunities to travel is often challenging after entering the professional world.

You can get some amazing souvenirs. Why not get your favorite t-shirts from the places that you have visited? Collect some tricky things from tourist shops. Eventually, you will have something to help you recall your memories.

It is not that complicated to save up. Actually, at this time, you do not have as many responsibilities as you might think. You have not got kids yet, and you do not have to support the entire family. You have an opportunity to save some money every week to spend on the perfect trip. There is also plenty of places that provide discounts for students.

It is a chance to find out new things about yourself. You will discover how it is to be alone in a foreign place and how you adapt.

You have a chance to take a solo trip that you likely cannot take at another time of your life. Or conversely, you can travel with your boyfriend/girlfriend. It is not even necessary to go far away or take a long trip. It can be even just a weekend trip where you will both enjoy one another and your journey.

You will make unforgettable memories that will turn to marvelous stories to tell your friends, kids, grandkids, etc. We all love astounding stories.

You will become more independent. Travel brings out the leader in a person. When you are alone in a foreign place, you are relying only on yourself. Traveling will most likely polish your leadership skills and improve the way you live your life.

Benefits of Study abroad Programs

You can explore the world. Visiting different places and meeting new people is probably the best way to get more out of your life. Every study abroad program coordinator realizes that this is one of the main reasons that force students to travel. Therefore, they usually structure programs to make it possible for participants to see more of the world.

You can learn in a new environment. The educational process differs in every country. Experiencing another academic environment provides you with an opportunity to look at the subject you are studying from a different perspective. This means you can develop an in-depth understanding of your field of study. For example, if you are studying marketing, you can learn about how it is applied in another country. This will be a great experience both for your academic and professional careers.

You can discover different cultures. Due to visiting another country while being a college student, you will be exposed to plenty of new ideas. For many young people, it is their first chance to leave the people and places they are familiar with behind. Often, exploring new cultures comes along with foreign language immersion. If you are studying that language, it is a perfect opportunity to hone your skills. If you are not, it is still an excellent chance to practice communicating with other people.

You can make new friends. You will meet many new people, among which your teachers, your fellow students, and the people living in your destination. The chances are that you will make new friends throughout your journey. Moreover, since there are so many things to do and try during such a journey, you can participate in numerous fun group activities.

You can broaden your career horizons. Typically, young people are studying in college, intending to prepare for their professional lives. It is a fact that employers like seeing study abroad programs on resumes. This is especially important if the prospective employer does business in that country. You may even choose the destination based on whether it is an important location for the industry you want to work in.

You can grow as an individual. Visiting other countries is a perfect way to grow as a person. Communicating with others, learning to go about your everyday life in a foreign place, and meeting different cultures are all significant ways to grow personally. Besides, it is a chance to challenge yourself to try something new, whether it is a new food, new entertainment or new place. Travel allows you to enjoy life experience you would never have otherwise. Sometimes, travel is overwhelming; still it is always a valuable experience.

What Does Research Show?

According to recent research, student travel has numerous benefits for young people. Not only students gain and enhance social skills, but they also develop their comprehension skills.

Among the benefits of student travel are:

  • Encouragement of their willingness to learn and explore things
  • Growth of their confidence
  • Improvement of their self-esteem
  • Improvement of collaborative and sensible behavior
  • Opportunity to adapt to new situations
  • Encouragement of their classroom participation
  • Chance to gain a cultural awareness
  • Development of their life perspective

Teachers also believe in the significant effect of travel. Nearly 80% of teachers regularly organize class travel to broaden students’ horizons. Additionally, over 50% of teachers reported that travel directly affects students’ understanding of the material and their classroom performance.

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